This is a course for every woman who is tired of stressing and forcing herself to cum during partner sex. 
Discover the 3 core orgasmic sex essentials so you can enjoy easy orgasms with a partner EVERY SINGLE TIME!

a pre-recorded & Self-paced course


(If you know what you are doing)

We all desire effortless orgasms and pleasure during sex. 

In this course, I teach you how to have them every time with my 3 core orgasmic sex essentials. The sooner you implement these in your love life, the sooner you’ll be cumming all over the walls! 

And I share even more: 

  • The orgasmic foundation of the female sexual experience
  • The perfect foreplay strategy for a woman
  • Clear path to cervical orgasms, squirting & more 
  • How to get “out of the head” during sex
  • How to connect to your sexuality and body
  • Understand what constitutes great orgasmic sex for you
  • One vital difference between males and females which affects your orgasms
  • Sustainable solution to orgasms in long-term relationships 
  • The difference between desire & arousal and why you need both!
  • The one thing men do in bed which determines your orgasmic bliss
  • How to make penetration pleasurable every single time!
No one else is teaching what I’m about to teach you. This is why this course is FUNDAMENTAL for every woman.
What If You Can Finally…
  • Exhale and feel at peace with your libido
  • Stop the internal pressure of having to be horny all the time
  • No longer feel like a low-libido partner in relationships
  • Look forward to having sex
  • No longer rush your arousal or orgasms
  • No longer shame or blame yourself for how you feel
  • Begin to enjoy sex! 
  • Understand what makes your libido blossom 
  • Love yourself even in times when you don’t feel sexy
  • No longer avoid sex with your partner
  • Become clear on what constitutes great sex for you
  • Tap into more relaxation in your body
  • Experience more pleasure  
  • Finally have that g-spot orgasm!
  • No longer feel broken or like you have to fix all your traumas in order to enjoy sex
  • Have more compassion for your partner and your sex life 
  • Understand why you are triggered by something your partner isn’t 
  • Stop comparing yourself to your partner
  • Make positive changes to your sex life today!
  • No longer allow a partner to gaslight you or tell you how you should feel
  • Share your newfound knowledge with your girlfriends! 
  • Fall deeper in love with each other!

You can have all this & MORE!

The Investment


  • 6 recorded modules with 1-2 hours of video content each 
  • Homework in each module to anchor in your Growth
  • Copy of my ebook with 500 Questions for Lovers
  • Self-paced course
  • Lifetime access to the material

Payment Plan: 2 x $278

Any questions?
Don’t hesitate to send me an email here.

Is the course live or self-paced?

This is a pre-recorded self-paced course meaning you learn at your own pace and comfort. 

Do I have to be in a relationship to take this course?

Absolutely not. Take it now so you can be prepared for your next relationship! 

How can the course help me if I’m single?

This course prepares you for entering your next sexual relationship in a more aware and conscious way. You’ll feel supported by this knowledge so you can communicate with your next lover about your needs.

I’ve never had an orgasm, not even on my own. Is this course for me?

This course is for women who can orgasm on their own but struggle to orgasm with a partner. If you’ve never had an orgasm, I suggest booking a private coaching session with me so we can dive deeper into this together. Email me to hello@elenarossiofficial.com to find out about my current offers & prices. 

Is this course only for women?

I created this course with a female audience in mind. The information we cover is related to the unique female sexual experience and the female body. Men can absolutely benefit from knowing this so feel free to share with your male lover, boyfriend or husband!

I am a lesbian. Is this course for me?

My main audience is primarily in heterosexual sexual relationships and thus I create all my content with that in mind. Most of the information I share in this course can be applied to female-female sexual relationships as well. If you are not sure if this is for you, feel free to DM me on social media or email me with your questions. 

I am able to orgasm sometimes with my partner. Will this course help me orgasms more often?

Absolutely! I believe that we are forever evolving and maturing in our sexuality so there is no end to education and awareness and mostly to your orgasms! Consider this course as another layer to your personal growth and maturity. Easy orgasms are just around the corner. 

I’m pregnant. Can I take this course?

You won’t be pregnant forever 🙂 Pregnant and postpartum women are especially vulnerable in their orgasmic abilities so this course can absolutely be a game changer for you as you enter your love life as a mother. 

I can’t afford this course but I want it!

I understand, which is why I have payment plans as an option. Drop me an email to hello@elenarossiofficial.com and ask. You can also sign up to my newsletter where I often share course discounts and many other perks.   

I want to become an affiliate of this course. Can I?

Absolutely! That is an honour. Thank you. After you purchase the course, you will receive more information about my affiliate system, where you can give your friends/customers discounts and receive a generous commission! Or you can always email me to hello@elenarossiofficial.com and ask to become an affiliate. 

How long do I have access to the course?

I aim for a couple of years at least, ideally lifetime access, if technology permits.

Can I watch the course from my laptop/tablet/phone?

Yes, the course works on any device as long as there is a web browser. All you need is internet access which is strong enough to stream videos.