level 1: where
did my libido go?

Why We Lose Desire
For Sex, Even in Loving Relationships

Why We Lose Desire For Sex, Even in Loving Relationships

a lifelong program for every woman

Discover the root cause of the most common couples’ issue by learning about 5 silent libido killers which affect all women.

a pre-recorded & Self-paced course

Is this you?
  • Your relationship is filled with love but very little sexual desire
  • You like sex but you tend to lose your desire for it around 2-3 years into every relationship
  • You are often branded as the low-libido partner
  • The “spark” isn’t there anymore
  • Your partner keeps asking you why you are not in the mood anymore and you genuinely cant answer the question
  • You’d rather cuddle than have sex
  • You’ve tried various tips/advice from sex experts and nothing seems to work
  • More often than not, sex feels like an obligation
  • You are worried that your partner will leave or cheat if you don’t have sex with him
  • You low-key dread the next time you have sex
  • When you have sex, you can’t seem to relax and let go
  • You often fake orgasms and pleasure
  • Orgasming is a struggle
  • You feel broken
  • You have a gut feeling that there is something more to sex than what you are getting
  • You often fight over your sex life
This Used to Be Me…

While I’ve always prided myself on being the woman who loves sex, 2 years into every relationship I’d find my libido fading. No matter how much I felt attracted to my partner, sex began to feel like a chore. I judged myself for feeling this way and I forced myself to have sex out of fear that if I did not give sex to my man, he’d eventually leave me.

I was in this cycle my entire 20’s and even the first part of my 30’s. Every relationship would begin with hot sex. However 2-3 years into the relationship, my desire would fade.

What happened to my libido? Where did all my desire go? I felt broken. I critiqued and blamed myself. I never felt at peace in my sex life always pushing myself to perform. I ignored my body’s needs, my feelings, my authenticity, my sensuality and my heart.

Most expert information about female sexuality was pushing me further into performance mode urging me to be more seductive, more tantric, more kinky, more more MORE of something that I am not! Modern approach to sex was exhausting and draining me. Nothing was working until one day I had an awakening moment…

This course was inspired by my sexual awakening and 100’s of women I’ve helped since then. It is about the root cause of our libido struggles and what you can do to be-friend your libido today.
What This Course Is About?

  This is the foundational course for every woman who wishes to have a sustainable love life in a monogamous long-term relationship.

Once you understand how your body and libido operate, then everything like pleasure, desire, confidence, orgasms and connection are much easier to experience.


…and will improve yours as I share it all with you in this course!

  • 5 reasons why women’s libido fades in relationships, even with a man they love
  • Why you find it hard to arouse or “get in the mood”
  • Why sex feels more like work and a chore than genuine joy and pleasure
  • Why novelty sex seems effortless and hot while “married life sex” is boring
  • Why you are “in the head” all the time during sex
  • Why you’d rather cuddle than have sex
  • Why you struggle to orgasm during partner sex
  • Why you’d rather masturbate in secret than have sex
  • Why you feel used after sex even with a man you love
  • Why you keep faking orgasms
  • Why your partner is often more horny than you
  • The difference between arousal and desire
  • What a “healthy” female libido is
  • The difference between internal and external sexualities
  • How male and female sexualities are different
  • How imitating men ruins your sex life
  • The ultimate foundation of the female sexual turn-on
  • Why women need more foreplay than men
  • How to prevent a libido drop
  • How to accept your sexual uniqueness
  • How to tap into your authenticity
  • How to respect your body’s needs
  • How to enjoy penetration
  • Instant changes you can make in your sex life today!
What This Course is NOT About

There are many obvious reasons why a woman’s libido fades and every woman is unique and every relationship is different. To save you some mental energy, I’ll share with you what I am NOT covering in Level 1 Libido Course.

The following subjects are common issues in relationships however we are not diving into them in this course: 

  • X Stress
  • X Lack of Communication 
  • X Lack of Romance & Sensuality
  • X Boredom
  • X Resentment 
  • X Hormones / Birth control 
  • X Medication side effects
  • X Illness / Health Issues  
  • X Trauma / Abuse 
  • X Parenthood 

I will be diving deeper into these subjects in my next courses. Stay tuned!

No one else is teaching what I’m about to teach you. This is why this course is FUNDAMENTAL for every woman.
What If You Can Finally…
  • Exhale and feel at peace with your libido
  • Stop the internal pressure of having to be horny all the time
  • No longer feel like a low-libido partner in relationships
  • Look forward to having sex
  • No longer rush your arousal or orgasms
  • No longer shame or blame yourself for how you feel
  • Begin to enjoy sex! 
  • Understand what makes your libido blossom 
  • Love yourself even in times when you don’t feel sexy
  • No longer avoid sex with your partner
  • Become clear on what constitutes great sex for you
  • Tap into more relaxation in your body
  • Experience more pleasure  
  • Finally have that g-spot orgasm!
  • No longer feel broken or like you have to fix all your traumas in order to enjoy sex
  • Have more compassion for your partner and your sex life 
  • Understand why you are triggered by something your partner isn’t 
  • Stop comparing yourself to your partner
  • Make positive changes to your sex life today!
  • No longer allow a partner to gaslight you or tell you how you should feel
  • Share your newfound knowledge with your girlfriends! 
  • Fall deeper in love with each other!
The Investment


  • 6 recorded modules with 1-2 hours of video content each 
  • Homework in each module to anchor in your Growth
  • Copy of my ebook with 500 Questions for Lovers
  • Self-paced course
  • Lifetime access to the material

Payment Plan: 2 x $333

Any questions?
Don’t hesitate to send me an email here.

Is the course live or self-paced?

This is a pre-recorded self-paced course meaning you learn at your own pace and comfort. 

Do I have to be in a relationship to take this course?

Absolutely not. Take it now so you can be prepared for your next relationship! 

How can the course help me if I’m single?

This course prepares you for entering your next sexual relationship in a more aware and conscious way. You’ll feel supported by this knowledge so you can prevent your libido from being destroyed. Consider it as your preventative medicine. 

What if I am not monogamous?

The information I share in this course affects 90% of women regardless of their sexual relationship dynamics. I feel this course is vital for all women no matter how they date. I trust that you will find useful information and ah-ha moments even if you are currently polyamorous, divorced or single by choice.

Is this course only for women?

I created this course with a female audience in mind. The information we cover is related to the unique female sexual experience and the female body. Men can absolutely benefit from knowing this so feel free to share with your boyfriends and husbands!

I feel pretty good with my libido now. Will I still benefit from this course?

Absolutely! I believe that we are forever evolving and maturing in our sexuality so there is no end to education and awareness. Consider this course as another layer to your personal growth and maturity. 

I’m pregnant. Can I take this course?

You won’t be pregnant forever 🙂 Pregnant and postpartum women are especially vulnerable in their libido so this course can absolutely be a game changer for you! 

I can’t afford this course but I want it!

I understand, which is why I have payment plans as an option. You can also sign up to my newsletter where I often share course discounts.

What if I join and then decide it is not for me?

I am 100% confident that every single woman will find useful information in this course. Thus, this course is non-refundable. However, life takes us on different journeys and that means you may not be ready for the information I share just yet or you may not have the time to dive into it.  That is okay. I suggest to put the course aside and re-visit it at better time down the line. 

I want to become an affiliate of this course. Can I?

Absolutely! That is an honor. Thank you. After you purchase the course, you will receive more information about my affiliate system, where you can give your friends/customers discounts and receive a generous commission!

How long do I have access to the course?

I aim for a couple of years at least, ideally lifetime access, if technology permits.

Can I watch the course from my laptop/tablet/phone?

Yes, the course works on any device as long as there is a web browser. All you need is internet access which is strong enough to stream videos.