About Elena Rossi

Hey Sweetheart,

I’m here to help you discover peace between the sheets.

I’m Elena Rossi – female libido specialist, somatic bodyworker, passionate writer, author of 2 books, public speaker and dog mom.

My professional background is in conscious sexual education and psychology. A sensual connoisseur at heart, I help women to explore the nourishing power of sexuality infused with purpose and meaning. My personal coaching sessions empower women to overcome their sexual challenges and live a more fulfilling, orgasmic life. Somatic bodywork sessions with me support women in releasing years of pent-up stress and trauma imprints from the body.

My online content reflects my no-bullshit, scientific approach to sexual wellbeing and relationships, and is followed by thousands of women all over the world. I write and lecture about embracing authentic eroticism, commitment and deep love.

I’ve used my degrees in Business, Psychology and Leadership to create successful wellness business concepts, including slow-pleasure brand Onna Lifestyle, holistic clinic and cafe in Bali and my personal coaching brand.

I’m based between USA and Amsterdam, and travel worldwide to connect and work with clients from all walks of life: from busy entrepreneurs to celebrities, from full-time moms to young women just about to enter the realm of mature sexual relating.

When I’m not working, you can find me creating my book series, riding my bicycle around town, trail running in the woods and spending time with my loved ones.

Don’t be shy to reach out. I’m here to support you.

With so much love,

Elena Rossi


Original Co-Founder & Product Designer
Onna Lifestyle

Original Founder Alchemy
Holistic Clinic

Awakening Within Foundation
Tantric Sexual Educator

Deep tissue Pelvic-release
Massage Specialist

Female Ejaculation & G-Spot Training
with Deborah Sundahl

Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship
& Leadership

Double Bachelors Degree in
Psychology & Business