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One of the main reasons why people struggle in their sex life is because they do not know who they are, what they like or feel ashamed of their sexuality. People end up having the type of sex which is not in alignment with their true needs/desires and thus struggle to enjoy it.

The first step to epic sex is understanding how your own libido and eroticism operate. What does your personal erotic expression look like? What do YOU need in order to feel sexually nourished? What makes you surrender into orgasm?

It is my goal that ONE session with me is enough to sky rocket your learning curve and pleasure! I will introduce new awareness about your pleasure potential and get you excited about exploring it! I am your Pleasure Cheerleader!

Some topics I often discuss with clients:

  • Inability/struggle to orgasm
  • Relationship challenges & libido incompatibility
  • Why couples eventually stop having hot sex
  • Self-pleasure practices as self care
  • Understanding personal unique sexual expression & needs
  • Conscious lovemaking
  • Re-sensitising the body to feel pleasure
    Reigniting your sexual energy & libido
  • Vaginal pain/tension – why you have it & how to heal it
  • Understanding your body’s orgasmic potential
  • Self-Massage techniques of yoni & breasts
  • Exploring Internal/G-Spot Orgasms (beyond clitoral orgasms)
  • Moving from anxious mind-sex to pleasure body-sex experience
  • Conscious Penetration
  • Yoni & pelvic floor psychosomatics
  • Moving away from vibrator-orgasm dependency
  • Living an orgasmic life & pleasure lifestyle choices
  • Discovering sensuality in everyday life

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(Please note that my specialisation is in female sexual psyche thus I work primarily with women and/or lesbian/heterosexual couples. I never work with men.)