Allure Curve Toy


Allure Curve Toy


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Shipped WORLDWIDE in discreet packaging

I was part of Onna Lifestyle startup in 2017 helping co-create and design the products. I fully trust the quality and authenticity of the brand. The current owner of Onna is a dear friend and colleague.

CURVE toy is created specially for intimate massage and self-pleasure. CURVE’s non-phallic design is intentional, nurturing an intimate feminine relationship with the body. Sweet, delicate and smooth, Curve is the the ideal toy for a sensual woman.

The thinner end of the Curve is crafted for internal massage to relieve muscle tension. The thicker end of the toy is perfect for G-spot exploration. It’s sexy silhouette allows for easy handling and versatile play. CURVE is created with intention of healing and opening up to pleasure.

  • Great toy for beginners looking to explore, massage & awaken the G-Spot.
  • CURVE effortlessly glides in & out due to its polished finish without creating friction or irritation to the skin.
  • CURVE will help you practice internal vaginal orgasms by awakening the inside of the vagina during self-massage. Insert CURVE inside the vagina and swipe from left to right in slow massage-like movements around the G-spot; tap the toy’s end on the G-spot either gently or in a rocking-like-motion back & forth, glide the toy in and out of the vagina, glide & twirl at the same time in and out.
  • Can use both ends of the toy
  • Use either for solo or partner play
  • Medical grade borosilicate glass crafted in Czech Republic
  • Hypoallergenic, non-porous
  • Can be used with any kind of lubricant
  • Each toy comes complete with a soft pouch, elegant storage box, and care instructions manual.

    Borosilicate glass

    length17cm, width 3.2 cm wide end, 1.8 cm thin end

    This product is handmade in the Czech Republic.
    All ONNA toys are designed & tested in Europe.
    Their prices reflect our top quality & product authenticity.

    Glass toys can be used with any type of lubricant. I advise you to thoroughly clean and dry the toys before and after use and to use a condom.

    Disclaimer: If you experience pain during penetration, I strongly suggest that before investing in a toy, you see a gynaecologist and a pelvic floor specialist who can properly diagnose you. Sometimes the pain in the vagina is not just from tensed muscles. You could have a sexually transmitted infection, endometriosis, UTI or dealing with pain due to PTSD. Self-diagnosing and self-healing can be dangerous. The first steps of healing are always a proper medical diagnosis.

    Onna Lifestyle aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Most of their packaging is either recycled or made from eco-friendly materials.

    They ship WORLDWIDE in discreet packaging. There are no mentions of the product’s purpose anywhere.


This button will take you to the brand’s website to purchase, where I will receive a small commission for referring you 🙂

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