Allure Pearl Toy


Allure Pearl Toy


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Shipped WORLDWIDE in discreet packaging

I was part of Onna Lifestyle startup in 2017 helping co-create and design the products. I fully trust the quality and authenticity of the brand. The current owner of Onna is a dear friend and colleague. 

PEARL shape is Onna’s BEST SELLING toy! It is for a wild woman who yearns to indulge in self-pleasure. Beautifully sculpted to target the G-spot area, this toy is deep and intuitive, introducing new levels of orgasmic bliss.

The G-spot is not a single spot but rather a larger zone located on the front wall of the vagina. Often, women find that G-spot stimulation leads to deeper, fuller orgasms. It can be difficult to stimulate with just a finger or a phallus. PEARL is perfectly shaped with a unique bulbous end for effortless G-spot stimulation and orgasmic release. The curve of the PEARL allows for easy handling and angling when playing solo or with a partner. 

  • PEARL is for women who already enjoy penetrative sex and wish to explore further the pleasure inside of the vagina
  • Great toy for practicing internal G-spot, squirting & cervical orgasms
  • Can use both ends of the toy depending on the mood
  • Insert either end of the toy inside the vagina and swipe from left to right in slow massage-like movements around the G-spot; tap the end of the toy on the G-spot either gently or in a rocking-like-motion back & forth, glide the toy in and out of the vagina, glide and twirl at the same time in and out.
  • Use either for solo or partner play
  • Medical grade borosilicate glass crafted in Czech Republic
  • Hypoallergenic, non-porous
  • Can be used with any kind of lubricant

Each toy comes complete with a soft pouch, elegant storage box, and care instructions manual. 

All ONNA glass pleasure toys are made of borosilicate (hard glass) and annealed at specific temperatures and times to ensure the most durable and most stable glass. You can run the wand under warm or cold water for added sensation. Do not use boiling water! 
Onna glass toys are perfectly smooth and non-porous. Glass toys can be used with any type of lubricant. I advise you to thoroughly clean and dry the toys before and after use and to use a condom if needed. 

Borosilicate glass

length 16-17cm, width 3.5 cm wide end, 2.5 cm thin end

This product is handmade in the Czech Republic
All ONNA toys are designed & tested in Europe.
The prices reflect the top quality & product authenticity.

Onna Lifestyle aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Most of their packaging is either recycled or made from eco-friendly materials.
They ship WORLDWIDE in discreet packaging. There are no mentions of the product’s purpose anywhere.


This button will take you to the brand’s website to purchase, where I will receive a small commission for referring you 🙂

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