Dakini Waterproof BedMat (for messy love-making!)

by Venus Matters

Dakini Waterproof BedMat (for messy love-making!)


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I met the creator of Venus Mats, Jules Cazedessus at a female ejaculation retreat, back in 2019. We instantly liked each other. 

As an absolute neat freak, I was fascinated by the bed mats she designed. Without knowing who I am, she gifted me one. To my surprise, it has become a game changer in my love-life! I did not realise how often I would end up using mine: 

  • No more stains from bodily fluids! (goodbye post-sex semen & pussy wet spots!)
  • No more lubricant & massage oil stains
  • No more menstrual blood stains (Hello, stress-free period sex!)
  • Hello, easy flowing female ejaculation. Give me all the wetness, baby!
  • No more awkward un-sexy towels under butts
  • Perfect for sensual erotic massage nights
  • Hello, stain-free clean bedsheets!

Jules’ mats are everything…and I mean, EVERYTHING!

I use my leopard one all the time. I even sleep on the mat during my heavy menstrual flow days. A few times, I used it as a picnic blanket in the park…

Most importantly, I now have a peace of mind that everything stays clean and dry during sex so I can roll up the mat afterwards, snuggle up and fall asleep! In the morning, I drop it into the washing machine. Easy peasy! 

The mat doesn’t bunch up and stays perfectly flat even during rough play!

It is also a wonderful support for women with nighttime incontinence & postpartum complications. 

The top layer of the Flower Dakini Venus Mat Throw is sublimate printed (so its colours never fade) on a polyester blend towel-cloth. 

  • Super absorbent, breathable, moisture-wicking, and environmentally safe.
  • Stain-proof (even dried blood easily washes clean).

Beneath this super-soft cover, a middle layer consisting of bamboo and organic cotton terry is fused to a durable waterproofing layer, manufactured in American textile mills—guaranteed free of PFOAs, lead, BPA, phthalates, or other harmful chemicals.
The third and final layer of the Flower Dakini Venus Mat Throw is a luxurious and breathable champagne velvet made of 100% polyester.

A detail of a painting by Mishel Schwartz, a wonderful Canadian artist, commissioned to create a portrait of divine feminine energy merged with flora, the Flower Dakini Venus Mat Throw creates a safe and beautiful space for you to unfurl. 
"Dakini" is Sanskrit for the sacred feminine principle in Tibetan Buddhism. Representing both the human and the divine in feminine form, Dakinis embody an ever-changing flow of feminine energy on the path to enlightenment.

The Flower Dakini Venus Mat Throw comes in a 55" x 59" inch (Queen) rectangle or a 55" x 74" (King) rectangle. 

Wash separately in cold water. Dryer safe.

Every Venus Mat/Throw comes with a three-year, 400-wash waterproof guarantee.

This item ships within 2-3 business days, directly from Colorado in discrete packaging.
Complimentary returns if unused accepted within 30 days of purchase.


This button will take you to the brand’s website to purchase, where I will receive a small commission for referring you 🙂

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