MAY 15th & 22nd, 6pm CEST / 12pm EDT


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MAY 15th & 22nd, 6pm CEST / 12pm EDT



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I have been working in the wellness industry for over 10 years and have seen numerous ambitious women enter this space just to grow insecure, lost and burn out quickly – Have I got what it takes? How do I find clients? I’m scared to market myself! Who will want my products? How do I deal with criticism? How do I ask for payment?

Together with my business mentor and friend Eva Zahrawi, I have decided to put together a 2-day masterclass sharing our combined knowledge of 30+ years! 

This masterclass will help you understand how to create a wellness career path in alignment with who you are so you can wake up in the morning excited to do what you do and go to bed at night feeling proud and satisfied. 

This is not about a 6-figure fancy business, although a lovely side-effect. This is about inner peace and a sense of fulfillment within your work. And that feeling is priceless!

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This masterclass is the secret ingredient to feeling confident in your work:

  • Understand your core business purpose – what’s the point of it all?
  • Figure out what your value is to others and why people should seek out your services/products
  • Feel confident “putting yourself out there”, especially on social media!
  • Stay chill and grounded in times of insecurity, criticism, and internet trolls
  • Self-assert prices on your services/products – know your worth!
  • Design your business from the inside out rather than outside in – on your terms and aligned with who you truly are so you don’t ever feel like an imposter.
  • Feel satisfied with your work regardless of how much money you make or how many followers you have
  • Attract customers in a cluttered market and beyond competition
  • Learn to truly enjoy your clients and followers


  • Women who are interested in building a career in the wellness industry – coaches, teachers, bodyworkers, healers, volunteers, sexuality educators, nutritionists, writers, motivational speakers, body fitness coaches, retreat organizers, etc.
  • Absolute wellness career beginners – for those who are scared to begin!
  • Women who yearn to help others but feel lost as to how to turn their talent into business.
  • Women who already work in the wellness industry but are struggling to feel confident, organized and in the flow with their work
  • Women who are running a financially successful business but are feeling frustrated and uninspired


  • Two live ONLINE Zoom lectures
  • Dates: Saturday 15th May & Saturday 22nd May 2021
  • Time: 6pm Amsterdam CEST / 9am Los Angeles PDT / 12pm New York EDT
  • Length: 2 hours each lecture
  • Hosted by Elena Rossi and Eva Zahrawi
  • You will receive a reminder email with the Zoom invitation link 1-2 days before each lecture
  • The lecture atmosphere is casual so wear your comfiest clothing, brew yourself tea/coffee and don’t forget to grab your notebook & pen!
  • For our shy attendees – please note that there will be no mandatory speaking. You are more than welcome to just listen without the pressure to participate. There is an option in the Zoom chat section to ask questions.



Don’t worry if you can’t attend live; you’ll receive the full recording after each masterclass.



I’m not working in the health industry yet, is this masterclass for me?

The skills and tools offered in this masterclass is for anyone who is interested in building a wellness career/path or is a beginner in the wellness industry. If you are interested in helping others but don’t know how, this masterclass is for you!

I already run my wellness business but I’m struggling with it. How will this lecture help me?

The lectures are specially designed to help you understand where your struggles lie and how to reconcile them. Many people share similar struggles in their business and we are covering exactly those!

I cannot make it to both day lectures. Will the recording be sent to me?

Don’t worry if you can’t attend live; you’ll receive the full recording after each lecture.

Will you be offering more live lectures?

I plan to host a number of live lectures each year about sexuality and wellness. To stay updated on the upcoming lecture subjects, sign up to my email list.

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