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Common Challenges We Explore Together
  • Being “in the head” & inability to relax during sex
  • Inability to orgasm during sex
  • Anxiety over not being good enough or sexy enough
  • Feeling sexually bored or sexually starving in a relationship
  • Losing sexual desire for the partner in a relationship 
  • Relationship libido incompatibility & other challenges
  • Confusion over your own sexuality – what turns you on? 
  • Vaginal pain/tension – why you have it
    & how to heal it
  • Inability to orgasm without a vibrator 
  • Clitoral, G-Spot, Vaginal, Cervical orgasms 
  • Exhausted of performing in the bedroom 
  • Postpartum lack of desire for sex or aversion
  • Dealing with infidelity or desire to cheat
  • Moving through sexual guilt, shame & fear
  • Accepting your naughtiness, kinks & sexual uniqueness
  • Awakening the G-spot
  • Exploring female ejaculation 
  • Self-massage of vagina & breasts
  • Releasing sexual stress/trauma from the body
  • Re-sensitising the body to feel pleasure
  • Living an orgasmic sensual life 
  • Conscious slow sex & masturbation
What my clients are saying

9 reviews for SESSIONS with Elena Rossi

  1. Razan

    I’ve had one online session with Elena so far. She made me feel so comfortable and safe to talk to her about what was going on in my life. It really was like having coffee with a friend. She’s opened me up to understanding myself in ways I knew existed but didn’t have access to. She’s given me reading homework specific to me, and in my readings I really felt like the authors were speaking my language, it’s been an amazing journey of self discovery. I can’t recommend having a session with Elena enough. It’s wonderful, nurturing, and full of insight and understanding. I can’t wait for our next one, thank you so much!

  2. Megan

    It’s been over a year since my Yoni Massage session with Elena and it has changed my life. I feel more confident. I masturbate more and better. I have sex for pleasure.

  3. Liliia

    I had an online session with Elena this summer, and it was a life-changing experience to me. I’ve been dreaming of it since I learned she’s offering such an opportunity. Elena is the only sex coach whose approach appeals to me 100%. She’s about deep connection with the partner and being adults who respect each other and are accountable for their pleasure. This is exactly what I needed 5 years into a loving relationship.

    I came to the session with a cheat sheet describing the issues of my sex life. I knew it’s all about my mindset and attitude. But I didn’t have a solution. I was so desperate to find answers to my questions that I didn’t feel anxious at all. However, Elena did a great job creating a safe environment while staying her authentic self, which I really appreciate. The session felt like talking to a friend. Very fun and warm and inspiring.
    As a side effect, right after our session, my partner fell in love with me. This had surely happened many times before. But it had never lasted for two months in a row! My guess is I shared with him what we discussed during our session, and he discovered how much I care for our sex life, which inspired him so much.

    We had fun as if we just fell in love with each other. I can’t say it was perfect sex each time. The biggest change was my mindset. I didn’t get upset if we didn’t have sex when I wanted or if it didn’t go the way I er… expected. This felt like love-making and true connection whatever the “result” was. I was thinking of Elena with lots of gratitude each time we had sex I enjoyed and also each time we had sex I didn’t enjoy but was okay with it.

    This little text sounds so mediocre to me compared to what I felt and experienced during and after the session. The change felt so rapid and radical as if I had been charmed. That session is one of the best gifts in my life, which (my life) made a huge leap. By the way, two months later, we learned we’re expecting a baby. I’m not surprised because there was so much love between us it was bound to overflow. And I’m not scared about losing connection with my partner because of the new guy in our family.

    Still, there’s a lot more to learn. Can’t wait to have another session (and I also have reading homework to do). Elena makes me feel there’s endless room for growth. I wish every woman could talk to Elena at least once and see that her sex life is not at a dead end.

  4. Eline

    Elena’s open and heart-warming energy made me feel comfortable from the first second I step into her apartment. The environment was welcoming. Only with one session she made me understand myself better and came with customized concrete advices. I would highly recommend her.

  5. Didi

    I had one online session with Elena. I was shy to reach out at first, but I am so happy that I did. After sending the first email and reading her reply, the tension I felt already went away. She really knows how to comfort you. Not only by sharing her experience, really taking the time for you and motivational speaking, but also with her great sense of humor and directness. After only one session, I felt more accepting towards myself, which I think is priceless actually. And she send me recommendations and other “homework” to continue learning, which I love. Thanks so much Elena!

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