Did you know that you can actually SEE your G-spot?!!?!

G-spot is a vital part of the female sex organs and every female is born with one. The G- spot area is capable of triggering deep and profound pleasure sensations and orgasms. It is also responsible for female ejaculation. The whole G-spot area is composed of the female prostate, clitoral body, urethral canal/sponge, and its surrounding erectile tissue. It protrudes through the roof of the vagina and feels subtly ridged to the touch.

The common complaint that women hold is that they are unable to FEEL or FIND their G-spot during masturbation/sex and thus assume they do not have one. It can be frustrating to look for something which you don’t know how it feels or looks. The main reason is they are usually looking for something that triggers an intense, clitoral-like pleasure. The G-spot’s erotic sensations are different than those of the clitoris.

While the glans of the clitoris (the little pleasure pea which you touch during self- pleasuring) is stimulated through the pudendal never, the G-spot is stimulated by the pelvic nerve. The pelvic nerve is one of the most powerful nerves in the body. Both nerves create their own unique sensations thus clitoral and G-spot orgasms feel different. The orgasm one experiences depends on which part of the body is being stimulated.

In reality, G-spot sensations vary from woman to woman from complete numbness to high sensitivity. During arousal the erectile tissues engorge with blood and become enlarged. One has to be highly aroused to feel the full pleasurable sensations from the G-spot and explore its erotic sensations which are different from clitoral sensations.

Did you know that you can see your G-spot through your vaginal opening?

Let’s get started. You will need:

  • Very good light (ideally daylight or a flashlight on your phone) Soft cushion or blanket to sit on
  • Towel
  • Large hand mirror or wall mirror
  • Lubricant or coconut oil (optional)

1. You will be squatting in front of a mirror and seeing your G-spot in the mirror reflection. Arrange a comfortable place for yourself either in front of a standing mirror or a hand mirror that you can hold or place on a surface.

2. Find a comfortable place to squat (use a cushion or blanket for comfort) in front of a mirror, ideally with natural light in the room, or using the flashlight on your phone pointed directly at your vulva.

3. Remove your panties and any other clothing which may obstruct your view.

4. Squat in front of a mirror so you can clearly see your vulva in the mirror reflection. Move closer if needed. Take a look at your genitals. Aren’t they wonderful?!?

5. Use the fingers from both of your hands to gently spread your inner labia apart, like curtains in a theatre. Ta-Daaa!!!

6. Adjust the flashlight/lighting so it shines straight onto your vulva.

7. If squatting position is not working for you, you can also try laying back on your back with your knees to your armpits and feet facing upward, “happy baby” yoga pose. Hold the mirror above your genitals with one hand and use the other to spread your inner lips. If the mirror is on the wall, you can place your feet on the wall while keeping them spread apart like in a gynaecologist chair. Another option is to squat right above the mirror which you place on the floor.

8. Look at your vulva reflection in the mirror. Notice the location of your clitoris, urethral opening, vaginal opening and anus.

9. Take a deep breath and with an exhale, push forward with your pelvic floor muscles as if trying to lay an egg or push a tampon out of your vagina. Notice as your vaginal opening widens with the push. You might be able to hold your vaginal canal open for a couple of seconds. That is totally ok. Try it a few times and try to hold it open as long as you can.

10. As you push your pelvic floor muscles “out”, the G-spot (which lives on the upper wall of the vaginal canal) will move forward and down enough that its spongy ridges are visible at the vaginal opening.

11. Take a closer look and locate those soft pink ridges. Do you see them? This is your G- spot!

12. You are now looking at your G-spot! Isn’t it gorgeous???

13. Say hello! Breathe. Release. Relax for a minute.

14. Smile. You’ve met your pleasure buddy!

Let’s explore the G-spot area together!

15. Lick or lubricate your finger.

16. Push your pelvic floor muscles out again so you can see the G-spot. Gently run your lubricated finger across the ridges. THAT IS the body of your G-spot!!!

Head of the G-spot: Locate the urethral opening right beneath your clitoral glans. With a lubricated finger, touch your urethral opening. Feel the spongy “meaty” area that surrounds it. Slide your finger, very slowly from there into the vagina only one knuckle deep, pressing gently upwards. Notice any physical sensations. Breathe. See how close your G-spot is to your urethral opening?

Body of the G-spot: Very slowly slide your finger deeper inside, two knuckles deep. Feel the ridges on the upper wall of your vaginal canal with the cushioned part of your finger. This is the body of your G-spot! These ridges are tiny and delicate. Relax, Breathe. Explore the area with gentle gliding across, up and down and pressing upwards movements.

If you feel the sensation to pee, try to relax into this sensation. It is your female ejaculate wanting to come out! These are the erotic sensations of your G-spot. The more your relax into them, the more pleasure you will feel. I promise.

Tail of the G-spot: Glide your finger fully inside your vaginal canal, three knuckles deep. Slowly curl your finger in a “come hither” motion. You now feel the tail of the G-spot. It may feel fluffy like cotton candy.

17. The taboo of looking at your own genitals so closely can be quite overwhelming. Remember to breathe deeply and take breaks if needed. You might experience arising emotions of anxiety, excitement, arousal or self-love.

18. You may need to do the squat and pushing of the pelvic floor muscles a few times until you find the perfect position and angle for yourself. Do not give up! If today did not work out, tomorrow will be better.

19. Great job! Take a deep breath, lover. Remove your finger from your vagina.

20. Cup your vulva with one or both hands for a minute. Love up on yourself.

CONGRATS!!! You have a G-spot!!!

Now it’s time to befriend it through pleasurable play and love-making. Remember that the G-spot stimulation feels different when a woman is sexually aroused.You can repeat the same exercise during self-pleasuring. Notice how your G-spot sensations will feel different.

G-spot gifts for you:

I have an online video course with video tutorials for you and your partner locating and pleasuring your G-spot.

I highly recommend Deborah Sundahl’s fantastic book “The Female Ejaculation & The G-spot” with step by step instructions to massage, heal and stimulate the G-spot.

MY favourite toy CURVE specially designed by me for G-spot beginners. USE DISCOUNT CODE: ELENA

Love you, kittens!

About the Author: Elena Rossi is the creator & founder of The Yoni Empire. She is a women’s Orgasm Coach, Sex Educator, pleasure toy designer, full-time writer and lover of all things pleasure-related. She writes shamelessly about eroticism, supporting women with overcoming sexual challenges and tapping into their pleasure potential. She is on a mission to nourish women, one orgasm at a time – connecting heart, body and mind. Follow her at @the_yoni_empire.

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