Continued vaginal stress often leads to vaginal numbness, irritation, penetration discomfort, tissue inflammation, low libido, dryness, inability to orgasm and even chronic yoni pain.*

Healing yoni massage is a holistic genital massage. This type of bodywork is psychosomatic – working with both the physical body and the emotional blockages.

Whether done by yourself, with a partner or by a yoni specialist, it is a whole body experience that includes touching, massaging and releasing primarily around the pelvic area: belly, buttocks, hips, outside/inside of the yoni. Various hand techniques are used to circle around the vulva, gently stretch the outer and inner lips, massage the clitoral shaft and the perineum area. It also includes vaginal canal de-armouring, gentle massage of the G-spot, A-spot and cervix. A yoni massage can be done with hands or with a yoni massage tool.

Yoni massage hand techniques are easy to learn! You can gift this massage to yourself as well. There is no need for a partner or a specialist.

yoni massage

Although it includes touching the genitals, the touch is non-erotic. The intention of the massage is to gift the woman tenderness and compassion, not arouse her. Thus, I recommend to always work with a female practitioner should you seek a professional yoni session.

Yoni massage is a wonderful practice of embodiment. It is an opportunity for a woman to slowly move from being in the head into full body awareness:

  • Building body awareness – work on bringing back your body sensitivity and understanding what kind of touch works best for your body’s physiology.
  • Rejuvenating the vagina to FEEL MORE sensations and pleasure. Pleasure, blood and oxygen flow to where attention goes!
  • Finding the G-spot, A-spot and cervix. Learning the erotic sensations of the G-spot and female ejaculation.
  • Releasing pelvic floor and hips muscle tension. Healing sharp pain spots in the vagina. Healing vaginismus.
  • Understanding how a yoni is supposed to feel during touch and when she is ready to be penetrated. (Most women allow penetration long before the body is ready!!!)
  • Overcoming body shame and insecurity
  • Learning to hold space for the self when emotions come up.
  • Releasing built-up negative emotions – anger, resentment, shame, frustration, heart break, rejection.
  • Allowing shameless expression of positive emotions – pleasure, joy, laughter, moaning, delight, orgasm.

Our bodies are always starving for a loving touch. Just think of the power of a great hug, a sensual kiss or a deep yoga stretch. Now, just imagine the healing power of a sensual yoni massage!



*Proper medical diagnosis is highly important before any attempt to self-diagnose and heal. It is too easy to misdiagnose when attempting to do so on our own. My professional suggestion is to seek a consultation with at least 2-3 different gynecologists if you feel any sort of discomfort in your body. It is important to note that if your sexual history contains abuse and trauma, you may want to consider seeking professional support or counseling.


About the Author: Elena Rossi is the creator & founder of The Yoni Empire. She is a women’s Orgasm Coach, Sex Educator, pleasure toy designer, full-time writer and lover of all things pleasure-related. She writes shamelessly about eroticism, supporting women with overcoming sexual challenges and tapping into their pleasure potential. She is on a mission to nourish women, one orgasm at a time – connecting heart, body and mind. Follow her at @the_yoni_empire.

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