I find it sad how we spend our time, energy and money improving our bodies, careers and social skills, yet we do not put any effort into our sexual relationships as if we are all supposed to be magically born as fantastic lovers. Two strangers are expected to meet, fall in love and intrinsically know how to gift each other pleasure and turn each other on FOREVER. This combination of pressure and expectation is the driving force behind numerous failed sexual relationships.

There is no shame in reaching out for support from a sex coach. In fact, it is most advisable!

A sex coach is a trained professional who helps people with sexual, intimacy and relationship challenges. Their job is to bring you closer in alignment with who you are as a unique sexual human and support you to feel more nourished and loved in your sexuality. Sex coaches address problems such as sexless relationships, low libido, inability to orgasm and also guide their clients to fully expand their sexual potential through education, training and communication.

Did you know that we are all unique in our sexualities? No two people are alike.

Truth is, when you aren’t having the kind of sex which truly turns you on and gifts you pleasure, eventually you loose the desire for it. Unfortunately, most women are having conventional sex which destroys female pleasure. No wonder we cannot orgasm! No wonder we “loose” our libido in relationships! It’s not you. Its the sex you are allowing yourself to have.

READ HERE about conventional sex and how it dampens female libido!

Common female challenges a sex coach can support you with:

  • Being “in the head” and inability to relax during sex
  • Inability to orgasm either solo or with a partner
  • Learning to communicate about one’s sexual needs
  • Anxiety over not being good enough or sexy enough
  • Inability to orgasm without a vibrator (common one!)
  • Feeling sexually bored or sexually starving in a relationship
  • Loosing sexual desire for the partner in a relationship
  • Learning how to gift/receive pleasure
  • Relationship libido incompatibility
  • Figuring out one’s unique sexuality and desire
  • Stepping out of performing in the bedroom to please the partner
  • Learning to set proper boundaries
  • Learning how to take care of the sexual body
  • Processing postpartum lack of desire for sex
  • Dealing with an infidelity or desire to cheat
  • Moving through sexual guilt, shame and fear
  • Accepting one’s unique kinks and fantasies
  • Vaginal pain/tension – why you have it and how to heal it
  • Exploring clitoral, G-Spot, Vaginal, Cervical orgasms
  • Exploring female ejaculation
  • Self-massage practices of vagina and breasts
  • Releasing sexual stress/trauma from the body
  • Re-sensitising the body to feel pleasure
  • Learning how to live an orgasmic and sensual life
  • Exploring conscious sex

The first step to amazing sex is understanding how your own libido and eroticism operate. The second is sharing it with your partner in a vulnerable genuine way. It is time to take responsibility and master your sexuality, kittens!

By working with a sex coach, you have an opportunity to share your current sexual challenges and desires with someone who can support you in the right direction. Together you plan a course of action for you to make immediate changes and explore your pleasure potential.


Love you, Kittens!

About the Author: Elena Rossi is the creator & founder of The Yoni Empire. She is a women’s Orgasm Coach, Sex Educator, pleasure toy designer, full-time writer and lover of all things pleasure-related. She writes shamelessly about eroticism, supporting women with overcoming sexual challenges and tapping into their pleasure potential. She is on a mission to nourish women, one orgasm at a time – connecting heart, body and mind. Follow her at @the_yoni_empire.

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